Despite concerns about young people’s supposed fragility, they are proving to be resilient architects of their brighter future. Like those before them, Gen Z (those under 25) face criticism in their youth, yet they are harnessing power and purpose to confront the unprecedented challenges of their day.

Zendaya, an actress and activist, captures their brilliant blend of authenticity and wisdom:

“Don't try so hard to fit in, and certainly don't try so hard to be different. Just try hard to be you.

Independence personified, this generation knows they need to be able to take care of themselves before they can take care of others. Drinking less, learning more, and transforming our world as they leverage technology to seek innovative solutions to the wild ride life is in 2023. Sometimes mad as hell, too, young torchbearers are leading change for vital causes like climate change, food insecurity, and racial injustice.

Contrary to the notion of digital addiction, social media is crafted as a tool for positive change, overcoming obstacles generations before them had yet to resolve.

My generation took this invention [social media] and turned it into a social benefit. The lesson is to work with what is available to you, communicate, ask questions, and execute your agenda for progressive change by any means necessary. We are resilient, resourceful, and driven.

- Eva Maria Lewis, activist

The Harvard Study of Adult Development reinforces the importance of relationships in our lives. More than wealth or fame, close bonds are the key to happiness and longevity.

Young people model great wisdom with their strong sense of community and connection. Their openness about mental health challenges contributes to a more supportive society, echoing the study's revelation that tending to relationships is a form of self-care.

And in Tinder's Future of Dating Report 2023, this group is branded as the "healthiest dating generation ever," pointing to their focus on self-improvement, communication, boundary setting, therapy, and mental health.

I want the world to note and acknowledge the bright torch of hope this generation brings to every aspect of life. They teach us that in a world filled with challenges, it's the spirit of resilience and the strength of human connections that lead us toward a longer and happier life, or may I add, the bright side ☀️