Hope is much more than a wish. They are actually "memories of the future."

Humans' natural state is thinking about the future. But are we creating the space and conditions for teens to reflect and daydream about what is to come?

In April 2021, youth's hope for America was rising (especially among people of color), and their faith in fellow Americans. Harvard Youth Poll found that 56% had hope.

What about now?

Hope means believing that the future will be better than the present and that "I," "we," have some power to make it so — control over our destiny.

High hope is associated with a strong sense of meaning, the attainment of personal success, the ability to achieve goals, and constructive coping. Low hope? With depression and anxiety.

Hope is necessary and sufficient for happiness. And happiness underpins health.

So I ask you — how are you growing hope this spring? Share this knowledge and chase a goal you and your community are excited about.

To get lit with the power of hope!