Modeling your values is powerful. My son, who I adore, had 4 things on his combined Christmas/birthday list. He was resolute about not wanting more. To see him living his values fills my heart and motivates me to do more of the same.

Every day, you have the power to make small choices that add up to big impact.

This extends to supporting brands and leaders that choose to lead with heart, exemplified by the bad-ass Black Friday move by David Hiatt, founder of Hiut Denim and DO Lectures (also my writing mentor).

image courtesy David Hiatt's LinkedIn

"Our website is closed on Black Friday.

We will sit this one out until common sense returns.

If you visit our website today, you will see: This year, we celebrate Planet Earth. This molten rock we fly through space on that we call home.

There are lots of offers being touted in the world today, but none as good as these:

-     Free air.
-     Free rainwater.
-     Free sunshine.

Right now, we consume enough for 1.75 planets. 

As a small maker and you as a customer, one common sense thing to do is to buy less, but better.

That feels doable."

One day of foregone sales, rewarded with a peaceful conscience. A powerful testament to the impact of principled decisions.