Have you ever found yourself in a heated moment, where emotions are raw and nothing you say lands well? And then it sinks in that you stayed up until 1 am the night before and are running on fumes.

Guess what? The shorter your sleep, the shorter your life.

The sweet spot for sleep is seven to nine hours a night for adults. Sadly, one-third of American adults aren't getting enough. And not enough sleep? Well, this is linked to obesity, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, depression, low self-esteem and more.

"Sleep is a non-negotiable biological necessity. It is your life support system. It is mother nature’s best effort yet at immortality."
– Matt Walker

Hitting this norm isn't always easy, or even a priority. Active lifestyles, staying up late and/or getting up early for school and/or work often means fewer hours banked. But new research highlights the profound link between sleep and the quality of your life. And quality of sleep, not just duration, is where your true restoration lies.

Did you know that hitting the restorative phases of slumber can boost personal success and positive self-image? And that your waking hours are highly influenced by last night's sleep – your mood, feeling clear, strong and in control, and getting along with others.

Once you reach your 20s, your body has more or less established a stable sleep-wake cycle. Yet many people may not understand the impacts of this cycle until later in life.

Bottom line – good sleep, it turns out, is the magic potion for reduced stress, lower anxiety, clear thinking, maintaining a healthy weight, fewer illnesses, and better relationships.

Tiny shifts in sleep habits today can massively change your future. Now is a perfect time to set a humble little goal to improve the quality of your zzzs.

"But how do I get there?"

The CDC offers valuable advice:

  • Stick to a sleep schedule
  • Create a tranquil sleep environment
  • Exercise during the day
  • Banish electronics from the bedroom
  • Avoid stimulating foods and drinks before bed

Sleep quality profoundly impacts your short and long haul. Don't underestimate its role in your health and happiness. And really, there's nothing to lose by trying some things to see what works best for you! 🤓

live the lessons

1. Reflect. Do you have the bandwidth to work on sleep right now? If yes, what motivates you to change? Small consistent steps lead to transformation!

2. Reboot your bedtime routine. Nighttime rituals can work wonders, signaling to body and mind that it's time to sleep. Try some slow stretching, a warm shower, or chill music to unwind before bedtime.

3. Bed = sleep + intimacy. Resist the temptation to turn bed into a makeshift office for responding to emails. Avoid watching late-night TV in bed, as well. Transform your bed to cue you for sleeping, not wakefulness. Keep it reserved for sleep and sex.

4. Check out this lovable musician with a surprising sleep trick in a Ted Talk with 5M views and many converts. His "secret to falling asleep is rhythm."