The poet Tennyson once said that humility is, “the highest virtue, the mother of them all.” It's a willingness to accept oneself’s limits and place in the universe. A freedom from pride.

Many would argue that society is increasingly competitive, attention-seeking and entitled.

I believe that we should be having more conversations about humility. It is a critical modern tool to consider, whether you are a beautiful activist or a tender lover. It is the unassuming power that connects us to others, nurtures personal growth, and fosters a more compassionate society.

The rapidly growing science of intellectual humility shows far-reaching benefits: less anxiety about life's big lessons; more likability as leaders, friends and lovers; greater self-control; a lower sense of entitlement which helps work ethic; and, an open approach to learning, failures, and acceptance of others.

How? Spark some conversation with your special people at a relaxed time. See how it feels to make them feel really heard.

Like other things we desire and hope to change, add it to your daily calendar/to-do list to drop into this habit – making time to reflect and practice the many ways you can develop this quiet strength...